About Us

KEM a.d. – Gostivar, is a factory for manufacturing refractory materials that are used into ferrous metallurgy, colored metallurgy and all different kinds of heating aggregates, such as fireboxes of boiler rooms, fireboxes in asphalt bases and fireboxes for batches, incineratiors of medical and pharmaceutical waste. Also, part of our specialties is producing electro-furnaces for heat treating of metals, furnaces for melting used in casting colored metals (aluminum, copper, bronze, zinc, brass), electro-furnaces for the gold making industry (melting gold).

            KEM a.d. is placing its products in the most responsible metallurgical aggregates, such as: electro-furnaces, induction furnaces, mixers, converters, transporting casting ladles for steel, and all casting parts in the metallurgical aggregates of iron and steel, in the metallurgical aggregates for colored metals (manufacturing of copper, ferronickel, ferrochrome, ferromanganese, aluminum, gold), furnaces for producing lime, flam furnaces for melting concentrates of the metals, converters for producing colored metals, blast furnaces for heating casting of the metals before the heat treating (rolling, welding, deep drawing).

All on all, the factory produces refractory materials almost for all the places where present are high temperatures and aggressive physical-chemical processes while producing metals and all the places that are exposed on high temperatures of the burners in the aggregates, that are mentioned in the upper text.